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Flavor For Any Pot...

Founded in the year 2020, MaPeun Products is a proud family-owned manufacturer of 100% naturally processed homemade & homegrown products.

Our catalog ranges with variables such seasonings, marinades and delectable sauces along with syrups and natural drinks & juices. It is our mission is to provide you, with the best quality products and service on the island.

We have strived to create products that will bring an ease and less effort to cooking and with a main focus on natural ingredients and unbeatable flavors, we believe we have succeeded in making cooking fun, delicious and healthy again for the whole family.

Policy Statement

Our Story

The ultimate success of MaPeun Products relies on the consumer therefore our company is committed to providing high-quality and defect-free products at prices they can agree with. We strive for consistency by ensuring that our products are manufactured meeting the international food safety and quality standards  through continuously improvement of our operational system.

Our intent is to increase market share by increasing production output over time with exceptional products for our consumers satisfaction. 

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